Raquel Ortega
raquel ortega | art director

Reset the Code

reset the Code: University of Oregon 

The Problem: Rising tensions on the University of Oregon Campus.

The Strategy: All students and faculty member at the UO has an ID number which begins with "95". These numbers connects us together and to campus, yet every number is unique. This is why we chose the symbol "95_".

The Work: We worked quickly and passionately to develop an initiative, win University support and partnerships with 16 different organizations, produce content, spread the message around campus and promote our work to the media and other schools.


We had to capture the campus community's attention. I had the idea of wrapping the iconic 180 windows of the Student Union "Fishbowl" located in the heart of campus. My thought behind it was to take away something that everyone; regardless of background, took for granted. This represents that allowing hatred or abuse takes away a victim's perspective. From outside, It features the 95_ symbol with the website. From the inside, it states "A view unremarkable, until it's gone. The right to be you, inalienable, until it's not." by copywriter Cameron Kokes.

I also worked on the Reset Room with copywriter, Sarah Vella-Labrador. The Reset Room was located inside the Student Union for people to anonymously tell their stories of a bystander intervention (successes, regrets, times they needed an ally). Participants share their voices and silhouettes, but not their faces. This was a way that the UO community could get directly involved with the campaign.

Provoke: peak curiosity and get the attention of the campus with our cryptic "95_" symbol.


Reset: build an understanding of issues in our community and every single individual's role in solving them.

Words can be incredibly powerful. And all too often they're spoken without thought to the effect they might have. Watch to learn the impact "simple" words can have upon those around us, upon those we love.
Resetting the Code is real life, but understanding how to respond to difficult situations is, well, difficult. These videos are a resource for those trying to make positive change in our daily lives and move us towards a more inclusive and accepting world.

Commit: Help people demonstrate their commitment to the code by signing the pledge online and on a Banner to be hung in the Student union.

In just one week, our Facebook page alone reached 150,000 people, our videos earned over 67,000 views and we got both local and national news coverage.

The Dream Team:

  Account Manager: Tylynn Burns 

Strategy + Planning: Hannah Lewman / Chandler Carroll   

Art Direction + Production :  Lina Rode / Raquel Ortega  / Femke Paanakker

Copywriting: Cameron Kokes / Sarah Vella-Labrador / Hannah Lewman

 Design + Production: Stephanie Hastings / Will Nielsen / Thuc Vinh / Aven-itza De Primavera

Video + Production: Turner Maxwell / Tyler Robinson /  Spencer Kupish

Media Planners: Stefan Boehmer / Amelia Inouye